Dec 24, 2015

Recent paintings and prints based on Venice, this series reflects my persistent interest in the fusion of architecture and figure. I want these work to elicit mythic overtones of place, with allusion to past and present in one piece. The subtext of this series is the increasingly high sea levels, resulting in waterlines that have risen to a point of threatening the ancient artifacts.  Long format pieces-acrylic on paper, 15"X 44", other works are acrylic on Mylar with collage, aprox 22"X30". Contact me at for private viewing.

Rialto-Sweeper #1


Venice-Sinking #1

Rialto- Waterline
Rialto-Column with Stone Fish
Rialto -Profile

Rialto #1-(Market)

Oct 12, 2014

Big Print Project 2014

Big Print Project , August 2 – 4, 2014
Sat , Sun and Mon 11-5 pm.
Location: parking lot opposite 1370 Cartwright St.
Granvi lle Island, Canada
Vancouver’s first Big Print Project was a visually striking printmaking event on a large scale,
drawing attention to the potential of large-scalewood-relief prints with a steamroller!
It brought together a group of well-known artists in creating and printing
a suite of woodcuts. Artists: Susan Point, Michael Abraham, Arnold Shives, Jerry
and Jeremi Whitehead, Cody Lecoy, Gerald Pedros, Peter Kiss, Cheryl
Hamilton, So Sunny Park, Richard Tetrault, and Betsabee Romero.
As a public event, Big Print Project culminated in a weekend of printmaking,
incorporating an unusual press - a full size steamroller- in the print process. On
the BC Day weekend Aug 2 – 4, 2014, the artists’ 4’ X 8’ blocks were printed in a limited
edition of four, with materials including archival inks on hemp/ cotton cloth. The
completed prints were displayed temporarily on site in a festive Granville Island
atmosphere. Keep posted to the New Leaf Editions website for details.
Project organizers are Society for Contemporary Works on Paper, New Leaf Creative
Solutions, and Creative Cultural Collaborations Society.
Sponsors: Elgin Contracting, Urban Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery, CMHC, Windsor Plywood and Cat Rentals.
1370 Cartwright St, Granville Island
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Watch the fabulous video by Max Bentsianov on YouTube;

Aug 16, 2014

VanDusen Exhbition-Recent Woodcuts by Richard Tetrault August 5 th til Sept. 3rd 2014

A selection of the prints on display this month (until September 3rd) at VanDusen Gardens Discovery Gallery, in the visitors Centre. I will talk about print process on Saturday 23rd Sept. from 1-3 pm.
Come by and see my recent works!

Oct 20, 2013

Radius mural, Firehall Arts Centre

A new mural called Radius, was completed in summer 2013, at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver. It was launched with a Salish ceremony and is visible both from the theatre inner courtyard as well as from Gore St. The outreach included sessions in the Japanese community, Chinese community and Aboriginal community. The artists, coming from each, also mentored younger artists wanting to learn the process of collaborative murals.
The final 1500 square foot mural is an expression of the conjunction of these cultures, geographically and historically, in this part of the city. Bright Mountains, Shining Water, and Harmony appear in Chinese Characters on the left side, four large Salish paddles, referencing the four directions, run through the central axis, with one in flames. This relates to an historical event, the fire of Vancouver, where Salish canoeists rescued trapped citizens from the shores of Burrard Inlet. A canoe, centrally located, carries the song that the indians sang during the rescue.
A large wave unifies the mural along the bottom. the Japanese community is represented by Origami cranes, two large Koi, and a Japanese kimono sash, or Obi, emulating the north shore mountains. The quality of folded paper forms the underlying motif of the mural.
Artists Jerry Whitehead, Eri Ishii, June Yun, Richard Tetrault (project director) Esther Rausenberg (coordinator and documentation) mentored youth Christine Chung, Mayuka Hisata and Marissa Nahanee. Funded through City of Vancouver Great Beginnings, Year of Reconciliation.

Radius, Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova st. Vancouver

May 13, 2013

Mexico Suite -
This series of paintings is based on various trips to Oaxaca, Chiapas and other regions of southern Mexico. I am drawn particularly to the highlands of the country. 
The work explores my experiences of the layered culture and rich qualities of Mexico. As well as providing me with the impetus for murals, (originating in trips starting in the mid-70's and my encounter with the murals of Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros, Delgadillo and others), I have generated many paintings during numerous overland trips. Esther and I followed 'La Ruta Maya' in 1992/93,  from the valley of Oaxaca and Monte Alban, to the ruins of Palenque, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba, far into the Guatamalan highlands to Tikal.
The mirror device in many of these paintings provides a gateway for me to reflect upon some of the fragmented, quixotic, humorous and often-times overwhelming experiences that I have had there. More works can be viewed on my newly revised website,

Mar 15, 2013

Continuing series of paintings with natural pigments/woodprint/textured elements on Mylar, this series expands on the previous works and are based on gesture drawings from Kokoro Dance, a Vancouver-based Butoh inspired dance company.

Nov 15, 2012