Nov 18, 2011

Eastside Culture Crawl 2011

Eastside Culture Crawl this week Friday, November 18th, 5-10 pm, Saturday Nov. 19th and Sunday 20th, from 11-6 pm.
Paneficio building
800 Keefer Street, Strathcona, Vancouver
Tetrault/Rausenberg studio
entrance from Hawks avenue

Nov 7, 2011

A newly launched website documents over 40 murals in Vancouver. They are broken down into walking tours, and are on line at

Oct 11, 2011

Summer City Street mural revisited!

The mural Summer City Street has been displayed in both the library and most recently, the main floor lounge of Carnegie Centre, 401 Main Street Vancouver, for more than 30 years.
Recently, I removed, cleaned, reframed and repainted elements of this mixed media collage work. It will be re-inaugurated at 4:00 pm this Friday, Oct. 14th as a part of Carnegie renovation celebrations. Drop by and see it.
Along with forty other murals, Summer City Street is a part of the City of Vancouver's new website on murals in the downtown core. Supported through Celebrate Vancouver 125th, is the website to go to for background, photos and locations for all of these works. It included several walking tours as well, one of which I will lead for Heart of the City Festival on November 5th.

Oct 2, 2011

workshops fall 2011

Sorry these workshops canceled. Stay posted for Vancouver and Salt Spring Island print and drawing workshops this spring!

Relief Printmaking with Richard Tetrault

This intensive workshop will introduce everyone to the possibilities of relief printmaking, including reduction printing and multiple block printing.

Richard Tetrault is a Canadian painter, printmaker and muralist. He has exhibited his work locally and internationally. His woodblock prints are on display at the Duthie Gallery.

Workshops rescheduled for spring, 2012.

Sep 8, 2011

80 gallons of primer and paint from General Paint were used for the 7600 square foot wall, and two coats of sealer and 30 stencils were incorporated.
A video by Sid Tan can be viewed at:

River of Crows

The recently completed, two block long mural 'River of Crows' is located in east Vancouver, on McLean Drive, and adjacent to Britannia High School. The mural was completed this summer with the work of numerous community members, artists and mentored youth. Please visit the mural, which will be included in the upcoming mural tour brochure and website for the City of Vancouver this fall.
The project was sponsored by Britannia Community Services, and generously supported by the City of Vancouver Celebration 125, Community and Neighbourhood Arts Development Grant, General Paint Inc, Vancouver Foundation through the Neighbourhood Small Grants, The Vancouver School Board, and Britannia High School.
Jerry Whitehead, Jeremiah Kitch Keesic, Helen Spaxman, Miriam Gil, Malcolm McTaggart, Sean Newton, Jeff Gibson, with design by Richard Shorty, and mentored youth Brendan Rausenberg, Jeremi Whitehead and Claire Brown.
Photo Documentation by Esther Rausenberg, video by Sid Tan and original music by Sean Gunn.
Artistic coordination; Richard Tetrault

Aug 8, 2011

Recently installed panels that flank the Silk Purse Gallery, West Vancouver Arts Centre. This project was designed to link both the community arts and the City of West Vancouver Cultural Centre offices and studio space. The final work will be completed in September, 2011.

Jul 4, 2011

McLean Drive mural project began with planning/design sessions in spring 2011. The mural is situated along the McLean Drive bike route from Parker to William Streets, on a retaining wall bordering the oval track of Britannia High School, and will animate the length of the wall in a sequence that will make the wall into an active space. Walkers, cyclists and drivers will experience the flight of migrating crows, from night to day across the wall. Stencils and printed images designed through community workshops make up the majority of the imagery. The wall's lower section reflects plant, seed and insect life.

As coordinating artist, I am working with a team of muralists, resident volunteers and youth/students from Britannia High School and the surrounding community.

The sponsoring organization is Britannia Community Services. This project has been generously supported by the City of Vancouver, through the 125th Celebrations Mural program, General Paint, and Vancouver Foundation, through the Neighbourhood Small Grants.

Work continues throughout July, with an inaugural event planned for September.

Apr 25, 2011

Russian Hall mural in winter

Recent photos of Russian Hall murals showing each of three wall murals. February 2011.

Mar 9, 2011

Globe and Mail article

Attached is an article about recent projects, including the Santiago de Cuba mural.

It can also be seen online at:

Feb 26, 2011

Point of Contact exhibition Cuba 2011

This series of mixed media works on mylar called 'Point of Contact-Idea of North' was exhibited for the first time in Santiago Cuba at the Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas y Diseno, January 2011.
Photographs by Esther Rausenberg, painting and print imagery by Richard Tetrault. Collaborative (large vertical) work with Gerald Pedros and Brian Saby.
Next exhibit of La Raza Artists will be in Thomas/Elgin Public Art Gallery in May 2011.

Jan 22, 2011

La Raza Artists in Cuba 2011

La Raza Artists in Cuba, 2011

La Raza Artists is a group of Canadian artists interested in cross-cultural exchanges and projects. These encounters provide a spark for valuable collaborative experiences. As a collective, the artists come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, but have a common interest in directly creative, challenging encounters and exchanges with artist, both in Canada and worldwide.

In January, we were invited on a cultural program to Cuba to spend several weeks in the town of Santiago de Cuba working on a project. In this time, we completing an exhibition of paintings and drawings, as well as painted a large mural.

Designing this 1200 square foot mural was a collaborative process between four artists: Gerald Pedros, Brian Saby, Esther Rausenberg and myself. Designing was complete in three days, and painting in six. The mural is located on a prominent wall at a busy intersection on Calle Garzon in Santiago.

Called ‘Punto de Contacto’ (‘Point of Contact’), the mural is based on themes that we had begun to explore in our exhibition in Merida, Mexico the previous year (March 2010). It is a visualization of Canada in a tapestry-like format, presenting encounters between landscape, people, animals and other elements. We intended it to read as a ‘map’ of our collective experience of place. The canoe, the main means for accessing the Canadian wilderness and opening up the country, floats over a grid of contemporary highway systems. Figures based on photographs by Esther of Kokoro Dance, (a butoh-based dance troupe in Vancouver), are superimposed on and through the landscape. The animal symbols emerging from the canoe are derived from native imagery, suggesting legends of hunting and trapping. Lastly, the traditional bird of Cuba, called Tocororo, or Guatani, appears on a postage stamp, juxtaposed with a pair of northern ravens.

We had enthusiastic assistance from Cuban muralists and friends from the Taller de Cultural on this project. This cultural centre, under its director, Israel Tamayo, is a highly active printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and painting studio that works with basic facilities and supplies, yet manages to produce excellent works. Their muralists were an important and skilled team to work with.

The gallery exhibition was presented in the Ex-American Embassy in Santiago for the first two weeks on January. We used five rooms of the gallery with works painted on Mylar, a velum-like transparent film. Excellent for graphite drawing and collage, it served our purposes for portability and ease of installation.

RT, January 21, 2011