Sep 8, 2011

River of Crows

The recently completed, two block long mural 'River of Crows' is located in east Vancouver, on McLean Drive, and adjacent to Britannia High School. The mural was completed this summer with the work of numerous community members, artists and mentored youth. Please visit the mural, which will be included in the upcoming mural tour brochure and website for the City of Vancouver this fall.
The project was sponsored by Britannia Community Services, and generously supported by the City of Vancouver Celebration 125, Community and Neighbourhood Arts Development Grant, General Paint Inc, Vancouver Foundation through the Neighbourhood Small Grants, The Vancouver School Board, and Britannia High School.
Jerry Whitehead, Jeremiah Kitch Keesic, Helen Spaxman, Miriam Gil, Malcolm McTaggart, Sean Newton, Jeff Gibson, with design by Richard Shorty, and mentored youth Brendan Rausenberg, Jeremi Whitehead and Claire Brown.
Photo Documentation by Esther Rausenberg, video by Sid Tan and original music by Sean Gunn.
Artistic coordination; Richard Tetrault