Jul 4, 2011

McLean Drive mural project began with planning/design sessions in spring 2011. The mural is situated along the McLean Drive bike route from Parker to William Streets, on a retaining wall bordering the oval track of Britannia High School, and will animate the length of the wall in a sequence that will make the wall into an active space. Walkers, cyclists and drivers will experience the flight of migrating crows, from night to day across the wall. Stencils and printed images designed through community workshops make up the majority of the imagery. The wall's lower section reflects plant, seed and insect life.

As coordinating artist, I am working with a team of muralists, resident volunteers and youth/students from Britannia High School and the surrounding community.

The sponsoring organization is Britannia Community Services. This project has been generously supported by the City of Vancouver, through the 125th Celebrations Mural program, General Paint, and Vancouver Foundation, through the Neighbourhood Small Grants.

Work continues throughout July, with an inaugural event planned for September.