May 13, 2013

Mexico Suite -
This series of paintings is based on various trips to Oaxaca, Chiapas and other regions of southern Mexico. I am drawn particularly to the highlands of the country. 
The work explores my experiences of the layered culture and rich qualities of Mexico. As well as providing me with the impetus for murals, (originating in trips starting in the mid-70's and my encounter with the murals of Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros, Delgadillo and others), I have generated many paintings during numerous overland trips. Esther and I followed 'La Ruta Maya' in 1992/93,  from the valley of Oaxaca and Monte Alban, to the ruins of Palenque, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba, far into the Guatamalan highlands to Tikal.
The mirror device in many of these paintings provides a gateway for me to reflect upon some of the fragmented, quixotic, humorous and often-times overwhelming experiences that I have had there. More works can be viewed on my newly revised website,